Thursday, May 08, 2008

Columbus Corners - Hayden Falls

I think I mentioned this here long ago, but in case I didn't, did you know there's a waterfall nestled in between Columbus and Dublin? Hayden Falls is in the south side of Hayden Run Road between Riverside Drive and Dublin Road just to the west of the bridge over the river.

There's a tiny parking lot that was unmarked for years, but now it has a brand new parks and rec sign clearly marking it. At the east end of the lot, you'll see these stairs leading down to a creek. These stairs are new so it used to be a lot harder to get down to the falls. At the bottom of the stairs just follow the dirt path and use stepping stones to cross the stream heading away from the river. It's a very short walk to another wooden platform, where you'll see this.
And you'll completely forget that there's a busy road so nearby.

Creed even thought the falls merited some applause.
Sometimes if the summer is dry there's not much to the falls, so if that happens, be sure to visit another time.

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