Saturday, May 03, 2008

Creed's Week in Pictures

A spatula in hand everywhere we go: check
Lots of quality time with the Zozes before they moved out of our neighborhood today: check
First awful eye infection: check
Exhausted dad who has picked up two extra overnight shifts this week: check
Mom struggling to keep Creed entertained: Check
First fat lip from slipping after a bath: check
Smiles because this week is over: check


Kim said...

As usual, you are very busy but great at taking pictures. It looks like Creed had a hard week, poor guy. I love the apron. The pleats look so even, how did you manage? Can't wait until you move here. Mom

J.R., Meg, and Alyssa said...

Eye infection and fat lip in one week--no fun, but way to go Creed. At least he is still all smiles!

Reba said...

ooo, that eye infection looks so yucky! I like your nose job. :)

PS Move here, I miss you.