Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Focusing on the positive

I haven't been posting a lot of personal thoughts lately because Creed attacks the keyboard tearing off keys everytime he can get his hands on it so I've been keeping posts to a bare minimum, but there are so many things tumbling around in my head right now: all the things we need to do to get ready to sell our house (including finding a realtor, any suggestions?), what to do for the Relief Society lesson that I'm teaching on Sunday and what I'll do with Creed during the lesson since Larry will be working, so many ideas for new craft projects that I don't have time to work on yet, some book reviews that I've been meaning to post, the debate over whether we should head to Punxsatawny this weekend for Ground Hog's Day with Creed in tow, and why does Larry have to work so so much! And really, who wants to hear me complain so here are a few things that have made me incredibly happy this past week.

My mom has started her own blog called "Charmed, I'm sure". I've been telling her that she should for ages because she's always telling me about her projects, but I wish that I could see them, and she finally did it! She thinks that no one will be interested in reading it but her own kids, but I'm betting that's not true.

Then in the midst of teething weariness, I ran out to pick up the mail and lo and behold, Laura, AKA Texas Girl, sent me this bag, even though we have never met in person because it reminded her of the tree quilt that I wanted to make. I LOVE IT! Isn't that incredibly nice? And speaking of incredibly nice, have you read the comments to my request for recipes? Thank you all so much!

And last, but not least, my long lost friend Jay found my blog!

Jay was one of my best friends. I think I saw him just about every day the summer before I moved back to the mainland, and I could say just about the same thing for the summer before my sophomore year of college when Jay moved to Utah too. He's such a great guy and I'm happy to have him back as a friend and the bonus is that his wife seems awesome and they live in Utah now so Larry and I will actually have some friends when we move.

And I'd just like to note that one of the first things Jay said to me is that I craft like an 80 year-old woman! Hmmmm . . . I'm sure he meant that as a compliment . . . Actually that was pretty funny because I'm always telling Larry that he has the vocabulary of an 80 year-old man so I guess we were meant for each other in many many ways! Jay also kept pointing out how old I'm getting so I'd like to take this opportunity to let him know that he's also getting up there! The little guy in this picture, his brother Mikey, is now a senior in high school (yikes!) and Mikey made a very wise decision to go to my alma mater, Kahuku instead of Jay's, Kamehameha (Ha ha!)

And now we are all caught up and Jay and his beautiful wife have a blog too! We can't wait to meet his wife Sarah and their new baby Adalie!


Megan C said...

Stephanie - I have a cousin who is a real estate agent in Columbus. Her contact info is below. When I decide to move to Columbus, I am definetly calling her. Also, she just put her house on the market Wednesday, Jan 9th and had it in contract by Saturday. That is saying something for this market.

Clare Fisher-Brofford
Broker One Realty
(614) 246-7153 x 1005

lisa (lost pezhead) said...

We used Jim & Cassie Rehl

mostly Jim, since Cassie was having a baby. they showed us around your neighborhood infact. I think they did a good job and seemed to have been doing it a while in this area. they are super friendly, so it was easy to feel comfortable around them right off.

what kind of a name is abra said...

So, I left a comment on your Mom's blog and I have commented on CAndices' but decided that I should come out of the closet with you......I stalk your blog. Creed may be the cutest little baby boy on the planet and you the most fun girl ever. If we lived closer, I know we'd be friends. Maybe someday in the big ward in the sky. You probably have people all over the world that feel that way about you and your sister!!

jaY said...

Oh you did not just put those pics up! Man how old are those? All I can say is Mikey boy was SOOOO cute and he is quite a bit bigger now, and correction, he's only a sophmore at some school called Kahuku, so I'm not that old! Man, if only ALLL my pictures weren't in my superman lunchbox in Hawaii-you'd be in some serious trouble stepper...I can't believe that Creeds not even a year old and he's almost walking already! What are you guys feeding him?

Reba said...

I say go to see Punxatawny. (Larry can sleep in the car) and since I can't fly out to hold Creed, ask the Bishop's wife to watch him during the lesson.

You craft like an 80 year old woman . . . HA! That's hilarious. But Larry talks way too fast to be that old (and his stories are better, too).

Please move to Washington instead. I miss you.

Anonymous said...

Divide the class in groups and think of some really good, thought provoking questions, so it takes the pressure off you and people can learn from each other. Thus, as Creed's climbing up you like a little squirrel, you can actually pick up the little chipmunk. :)
I'm sorry Larry's gone a lot. Come to aerobics with me!