Saturday, February 02, 2008

Did you know?

Did you know that when you upload photos to Blogger, you are actually uploading them to a separate Picasa account, that Blogger automatically created through your Google account?

And did you know that while Gmail has a limit of over two gigs of storage space for free, Picasa limits you to one gig of storage for your photos?

And did you know that Blogger no longer just resizes your images and keeps a small image file like it used to when I just started blogging, it saves the whole file to Picasa (which can fill it up quickly if you have a camera with gianormous file sizes like mine) so if your house burned down or something, all the high res files you ever posted would still be saved out there somewhere in the cyberworld for you? (another Fabulous reason to blog!)

Well, I learned all of that the other night when I went to add a photo to a post and got the message, "You have exceeded your photo upload quota." Yikes! Originally, when I joined blogger they had really limited photo storage, which I should have exceeded a very long time ago, but I never checked to see what the deal is and now I know. Don't worry, for an annual fee you can upgrade your Picasa account size (the minimum is to ten gigs for $20.00/year and that would take me ages and ages to fill).

And did you also know for those of you that have password protected blogs, you still should go into your Picasa account and check the privacy settings there so that you are not sharing your photos, they will not come up in photo searches, and other people cannot download them? Or if you want to, you can share your Picasa accounts and allow all the grandma's out there to order their own copies of pictures of their darling grandkids.

I guess that you learn something new every day!


~wenhether~ said...

Wow....thank you for sharing this info! I had no idea. I just went over and made sure my pics were unlisted.

A. McF said...

Thanks for the tip! I love following all the fun things you are doing, creating, and reading.

ellen said...

Thanks for all the good info!