Sunday, February 24, 2008

Snow, Snow, Snow!

My mom called me this weekend to see if we were ok since I haven't been blogging, which made me laugh. I guess I normally do post a lot. We were experiencing some computer problems, but thanks to our friend David, we are now back up and running. Add to that the fact that we are working to get our house ready to sell and we met with a realtor and you might understand why my mind hasn't been on blogging lately. Not to worry, we've still been taking plenty of pictures so we still have many to share.

Let us begin with the crazy weather around here. We were so excited when it started to snow that I ran out with Creed to check out the huge flakes. He LOVED it!
The snow has been coming ever since so it's a good thing Larry bought me these for Valentine's Day (I know, we are oh so romantic around here, but I really do love them!)
I've been making good use of them
And did I mention the freezing rain? I had never experienced anything like this out west so I took a picture for all of you but it was late in the day so most of it had melted. You still get the idea though.
It formed a thick layer across the snow so you could easy lift of big sheets of it. It's things like this that make me so happy we have a garage!
Mostly we have just spent our time cuddling in our cosy house and who can blame us?


Molly Malia said...

i love those boots! i have been looking for some cute ones... where did larry find those?

Larry said...

At a very high end store Molly, extremely expensive. It's a local botique, really, nothing you'd have out there. It's called Target. It's so small they probably don't even have a website.

Dehner Family said...

Fun pictures! I love the freezing rain shot - I drove around on Saturday just to look at the trees.
Anyway- Let us know if you need help getting your house ready. We're so close - why not take advantage of us.
I'll get your extract back to you soon - it's been on my counter staring at me... sorry it's taking so long.

Kim said...

You are back, yea! I've missed you. Good pictures too. So, what did the real estate agent say. Catch me up to speed. lOVE YA1

ellen said...

Those boots are cool!!

~wenhether~ said...

OMG I need those boots! Thanks for letting us know about that little corner shop that's seliing them :)