Wednesday, January 02, 2008

It's a blog eat blog world!

Lately I keep seeing my posts and ideas posted on other blogs, and while I like sharing my ideas, it makes me so sad when people post them as if they're their own and don't refer to their original source. Some people have even copied my exact text. It's happened a lot lately, which makes me wonder how many more instances are out there that I haven't seen.

For instance, remember this post on a piece of artwork that I wanted to try to make a quilt of? Well, lo and behold, one of the Pink Christmas girls did just make a fabric version of it, and she didn't mention that the idea was from me or that it was based on Isa's artwork. Not cool! I suppose it's possible that she also came across the same website, which wasn't even in English for awhile, and she also picked that particular piece out of everything on the site and she also came up with the idea to make a fabric version, and it's a mere coincidence that we share a mutual friend and are both a part of Pink Christmas, but it seems pretty unlikely, doesn't it? I almost posted a comment on the Pink Christmas blog, but then I figured nothing good would come of that, would it?

Maybe it's my background in editing, which required me to sit through many a lecture on what constitutes plagiarism, but it really bothers me when people copy me. I feel so discouraged that I haven't even gotten around to posting the rest of my homemade Christmas ideas, but I guess it's not fair to the rest of my lovely readers who would never do such a thing, is it?

PS- Can you tell that I have a headcold and am feeling a little crabby today? Sorry for the rant, but I had to complain to someone!


Cassie L. said...

that would seriously tick me off and i honestly hope i haven't ever done that to you, but come to think of it, i am spacey and probably have done it unintentionally. btw, the cutest christmas card i have ever seen in my whole life. i am sorry i can't copy that because you know who i know. i can't do computers either:(

emily kate said...

I totally understand and validate you in being ticked off! Someone I knew through the grapevine who has a vinyl business totally stole an original idea I had. She took the exact same font I used (a dingbat font by our friend KP that I paid for the copyright to use) and even without a copyright, used it and put it on her website. I seriously flipped out. I was ticked off for days and days. The worst thing is that there's not much you can do about it! But I do hope you continue to share your ideas because I love them and they get me excited to create! :)

Laura said...

I think you are so creative and that is why people copy you. I want to copy you, but I just am not crafty enough to even use your ideas. I am sorry that this happened. I hope I have never done this to anyone because I would totally feel bad. I have wanted to copy your book club, but here in Indiana. I just haven't because I am certain it won't be the same and just be a letdown.

lisa (lost pezhead) said...

sorry, that was a pretty big thing to copy and not give credit.

i think i usually try to credit people (i know i refer to you a lot on my blog)!

hope your head cold goes away soon!

Suzy said...

So frustrating and not really a thing to do about it.

I was once set up at Swiss Days selling my wares and 4 girls started taking photos of my packaging, ooohhhing and ahhing over it. They talked of "we'll do this, and oh this will be easy to copy..."
They didn't even understand when I caught them and told them they were plagiarizing. They were just bugged that I shooed them away!

Makes is difficult to put yourself out there. I am constantly on my guard and don't want to be.
I'm glad you posted about it. People just need to be more aware of artisans.. I guess.
Keep the inspiring things a comin'.

Megan said...

ya, well, I made a really cute baby, then you went and made one that looked JUST LIKE MINE!

You know I'm just kidding, because I am sensitive to the whole copying thing, too...and oddly enough, yours was the second post this week on the very subject, but the other blogger deleted her post. Please don't stop sharing your wonderful are balm for those of us stuck in a rut lately. Godspeed!

Faith and Chad & the boys said...


I totally saw that on the Pink Christmas blog and thought - hmmm, I know I have seen that before ... and it was you! Not cool. Please don't stop sharing your creative and crafty feats. sure don't have the talent to try to do any of them myself, but it is so inspiring to see beautiful things made with the mind and hands of someone who does it so well.

TX Girl said...

You have every right to be upset. I'm sorry this happened to you. Especially since it will dissuade you from posting more of your darling ideas.