Friday, July 06, 2007

Six years of Bliss!

I wrote 50 things about Larry on Valentine's Days so in honor of our anniversary, I had to blog to continue the list!

51. He bought Creed this cute monster on Monday
52. He studied Latin in high school and can figure out the meaning of so many words because he knows the Latin root.
53. If Larry asks you if you’d rather be a pirate, a ninja, or a cowboy, you’d better answer pirate. You may be able to get away with ninja if you have a good explanation, but if you say cowboy he may never speak to you again.
54. After I was diagnosed with gestational diabetes, Larry met with a dietician at OSU to get some snack and meal suggestions and then he made a grocery shopping trip that took him a couple of hours so he could scour the place for low-carb options.
55. Larry hates it when you touch his nose. He says it’s because he broke it when he fell off a swing when he was little, but he can’t even stand to watch other people touch their own nose and he cannot watch any kind of surgery that involves a nose.
56. Larry says never wants to have any pets, but every time we pass a store that sells fish he tells me he would like to have a fish tank at home.
57. Halloween is his favorite holiday. He often calls, Christmas, Easter, and Valentines Day Halloween without realizing it.
58. Larry loves socks with fun patterns on them. I’m not so fond of wearing them so I finally got the hint to buy them for him after he bought me several pairs.
59. He used to be a pretty aggressive driver, but has changed after spending a lot of time in the car with me cringing and complaining.
60. A few times he has been rewarded with an Amazon or Barnes & Noble gift certificate for doing something at work and he always brings them home and tells me they are for me.
61. He is really good at getting Creed to smile.
62. Creed has ears just like Larry's with little points of cartilage on them.
63. Creed is also named after Larry since Creed is Larry's middle name.
64. He made dinner reservations at Basi Italia for tonight because I mentioned to him that I wanted to go there.
65. He also arranged a babysitter for tonight. Thanks you Freemans!
66. He’s working on his certification to moonlight (pick up extra shifts to make a little extra money)
67. Our first few days home from the hospital he would get up with me when I had to nurse Creed and read Bridge to Terebithia aloud to us. He even did different voices and accents!
68. He does a great job watering our lawn and takes great pride that it’s so much greener than out neighbors’ lawns.
69. He always tells me that he thinks I’m amazing and it makes me feel so appreciated.
70. He HATES Kelli Kapowski (he says she broke Zack’s heart!)
71. He thinks the movie Pleasantville is about the worst movie ever made. Please don’t get him started about why it’s so awful.
72. He’s usually willing to watch girly movies with me and even appreciates the 6 hour version of Pride and Prejudice (ok, it’s not his favorite movie, but he does like it)
73. I think he quotes Nacho Libre at least once a day. I need to buy him one of these or make one for him.
74. He loves Slurpees and laments the fact that Columbus doesn’t have many seven-11’s.
75. He’s really excited to do his fellowship at the University of Utah in Infectious Diseases because they specialize in travel medicine and he’s really interested in it.
76. I am notorious for not using air conditioning or heat in my car to save gas so the other day he told me that he won’t use air conditioning in his car the entire summer if I’ll use mine everyday. (Don’t worry, I told him not to do that and assured him that every time I get in the car with Creed I always use air conditioning if it’s too warm).
77. He listens to General conference talks and Ensign articles on his MP3 player.
78. He’s watched so much HGTV with me that lately he’s started dreaming about HGTV.
79. He really wants an Ipod, but yesterday he told me that he thinks I should get a new sewing machine before he gets an Ipod since I’ve been sewing so much.
80. When we bought our house I told him that I wanted to put bamboo floors in our kitchen and entryway. Now two years later, he really wants to put bamboo floors in our kitchen and entryway.
81. When he gets the mail, he always saves any good mail like packages or Christmas cards for me to open, even if they’re addressed to both of us.
82. I mentioned to Larry awhile ago that I would like to get Family Fun magazine and it mysteriously arrived in the mail today.
83. When family or friends come to visit, Larry always makes sure to stock them with lots of snacks before they leave if they have a long trip home.
84. The last two Halloweens I’ve told Larry that he has to come up with his own Halloween costume and he has done a great job. He was Icabod Crane two years ago and the Cat burglar from To Catch a Thief for our Alfred Hitchcok party last year.
85. Larry has never considered himself “handy”, but his skills are improving and he can change light fixtures, repairs holes in walls, hang pictures, paint walls, and change out outlets and light switches now.
86. When Larry gets really tired he gets tired eye; one of his eyes won’t open as far as the other.
87. He says that Christmas isn’t Christmas without Beefstick so I’m always careful to have one on hand for Santa to put in his stocking.
88. He made me an amazing breakfast this morning.
89. He loves monkeys and often calls Creed Monkeyman
90. He loves gummy candy and usually can't resist picking up a bit from the bulk candy section when he goes to the grocery store, which I think he deserves for being the one who usually goes to the grocery store.
91. He has a really hard time waking up and usually needs to sit for a few minutes before you can really talk to him or he can do anything. It's probably because he works so hard and gets by on very little sleep!
92. He told me that I should not give up with blog because it's something that I love and he loves using the blog so show everyone how adorable Creed is.
93. I'm constantly telling him that he has the vocabulary of an 80-year-old man. Maybe he gets it from living with his Grandpa for awhile; he uses a lot of words and saying that most people don't use anymore. I think it's adorable and it often makes me giggle.

And now Creed's awake so alas, I better complete this list later.


Kate said...

Phew! You're back! We're all so relieved.

And Larry sounds like quite a catch. You are a lucky woman.

Tenay Jo said...

Hi Stephanie! It is your long lost friend Tenay. I'm so glad you decided to make another post to your blog because if you hadn't, I'm not sure I would have ever found another way to reach you. Cameron gave me your blog address, but he didn't know your email address. If you ever get the chance, drop me a note at Your blog is great by the way. You are so creative and simply amazing. Congratulations on your little boy! He is so cute. Love, TJ

Kim said...

Glad you are back. I love the treats Larry sends home with considerate. If you get a new sewing machine, please give my old one back. I love all the things you said about Larry. He is a keeper. We especially missed his comments at the parade this year. Wish you all could have been with us. Add more pictures of Creed please and give him a kiss for me. Miss you!

Laura said...

Hope this means your back for good. Larry is right if you love blogging keep doing it. I love it so I do it. Happy anniversary.

The Jensen Family said...

Larry is an incredible guy! But you know what they say....behind every good man is an even better woman! You Rock STEPH