Monday, July 09, 2007

Creed's three months old!

I took these pictures of Creed at three months a while ago, but I'm just getting around to posting them.
Over the last few weeks he's figured out his hands so he's starting to enjoy his toys (or at least enjoy putting them in his mouth and chewing on them).He's getting so big he's starting to wear his 6-12 month clothes. I'm thinking there's no way this outfit is making it to 12 months.
We had to take the smaller headrest out of his carseat.
When he gets tired he loves to rub fabric against his cheek so it's not uncommon to find him like this.His other favorite thing to do is spit-up every where, all day long. Larry caught him in the act the other day. It's almost easier to take pictures of him spitting up than it is to get him smiling!
But of course we still think he's the cutest baby in the world!


lisa h. said...

i love the stripes outfit! i can't believe how big he is compared to Max...that was such a good idea to chart his growth that way.

mark & ali monson said...

Hey, Stephanie and Larry (and Creed)!
I tried to post a comment last week, but it looks like it never showed up on your blog. Anyway, I was so glad to see your comment on the Simple Studio blog. What a small world! Looks like life is treating you well. Your little guy is adorable. Here's our blog address (since it's a little hard to find just by searching):

Reba said...

I can imagine a Tide commericial developing out of your pictures of Creed spitting up and the fact that all of his other clothes are just so clean.
Love the "heartbreaker" onsie!