Friday, July 20, 2007

Is there a doctor in the house?

We seem to have two doctors in the house!
These baby scrubs are from a teddy bear that used to be in Larry's parents' house. We had to cut a slit so Creed's head could fit in them, but otherwise they fit perfectly. Larry picked Creed's fussiest time of the day to try them on Creed so we'll have to do another photoshoot later when he's in a better mood, but I couldn't resist posting these.
How cute does Creed look in scrubs?


Chelsea said...

He is such an adorable baby...and the scrubs are awesome. I bet they make Larry so happy :)

Tenay Jo said...

I can't believe that a teddy bear's scrubs fit Creed so well. That is awesome. I bet Larry was so excited to have matching scrubs with Creed.

Kim said...

Practicing to follow in his father's footsteps already. And, he is so handsome in his scrubs too.

lisa h. said...

by the looks of that last pic, i think he knows how cute he is!