Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Culinary discoveries

Today I checked another one of the things I wanted to do before we move off of my list, I visited Pistachio, and dessert shop in the Short North that's supposed to be amazing. I was coming home from dropping off a friend at the airport and figured why not stop by while I had some free time. Pistachio is a tiny shop in an alley and I wouldn't have discovered it if a friend hadn't told me about it. The desserts were gorgeous and the owner Anne is so nice!

They display samples of everything up front. They show you what a whole cake looks like next to what the individual portion looks like.
And all of the cookies are amazing so I had to pick some of those up too.
Who can resist a sweet package like this?
Or dessert that looks like this?
It was enough to inspire Creed to try his hand at cooking dinner.


lisa h. said...

i've been wanting to go there too! i did take the kids to the goodie shoppe today (after aerobics - ha) and we all got a cookie.

thanks again to larry for getting us into our house last night!!

Elisa said...

The package you sent arrived. I am floored! Of course you know I was in love with the felt clips, but the onsie is so cute too! Thank you Thank you, it was so exciting to get!

Elisa said...

oh ya...those desserts look AMAZING.