Tuesday, July 10, 2007

So what were we up to during the blogging break?

We were busy hanging out with Creed, celebrating the 4th, and having fun with friends.
I was also working on a lot of crafty goodness. I painted a big letter "C" for Creed's room a long time ago, and I wanted a star to go on the wall behind it so I finally got around to putting that together.
I made another hooded monster towel for a friend that we've owed a baby gift to for quite awhile.
I also made some more monogram onesies. I can't show you the fronts of them because I want them to be a surprise, but isn't this ruffle bum cute? (I promise the ruffles are straight in real life)And I also played around with some ideas for more baby hairclips.

Any ideas for more?


Nikki said...

I *love* the new hairclips!! Audrey and I miss our play dates with you and Creed . . I'll contact you soon about getting together. : )

Elizabeth said...

His room is so cute and I love all the cute baby things. You really have a talent.

Jinii said...

I stumbled on to your blog and wanted to say I love all the craft ideas you share.

Anonymous said...

I'm glad the blog is back! I love all your creativity... if I just had half your craftiness I might have a decorative and impressive house. We may be in Utah next year too! John's thinking about doing his MBA there... it would be so fun to see you!
kate thompson