Saturday, July 21, 2007

Potter Mania

What kind of children's literature expert would I be if we didn't celebrate the release of the last Harry Potter book? We decided Friday evening that we better at least go to a release party so I whipped a shirt for Larry that said, "Trust Snape", we drew a lightening bolt on Creed's forehead for good measure, and we met up with our friends Jason and Liz.
We figured Creed would fall asleep on the ride to Barnes and Noble and be out for the evening, but he was wide awake for all of the festivies and he seemed to enjoy them. The store was giving out glow in the dark Harry Potter glasses and they had a lot of fun things going on: decorate your own Hogwarts tie, a trivia scavenger hunt, take your picture with a cardboard Harry Potter, a costume contest, etc. The costumes were great. We got to meet Mad Eye Moody (who was a little creepy).
The store was crazy busy and it was just fun to be there with so many excited people.
Here we are the midst of the craziness with Jason and Liz.Everywhere we went, everyone loved Creed AKA Baby Harry and who could blame him when he looked this cute?
Larry's t-shirt helped him make some friends too.
We left before midnight and picked our books at Kroger, where there wasn't much of a line and we could also pick up some ice cream. I think we wore Jason out.


Reba said...

The shirt turned out really good--and Creed is the cutest Harry ever.

I'm 20 pages in to HPATDH and I think I might neglect everything to finish.

Tenay Jo said...

Hurray for Harry Potter! I'm already finished with the book and it was really great. I personally want to thank you Steph, for introducing me to Harry Potter way back when we were both Sophmores in College. Yeah!