Monday, July 30, 2007

Cute Kids

Where have I been? Busy! Gosh!

Larry and I ran a Pinewood derby for grown-ups at church (ok, Larry ran it, and I held Creed and was coated in spit-up)

Then between house guests and babysitting this is what dinner looked like at our house Friday night . . .

Babies galore!!!!

And speaking of babies. Creed's still working on getting his tongue to allow him to swallow rice cereal.
And Creed seems to have perfected the art of flirting. I sold my first fairy door to my friend Nikki so Creed had a chance to play with Audrey, and they held hands completely on their own! Here they are shocked at being caught in the act. So cute!
I swear that this kid is getting cuter by the day!


Alexandra and Benjamin said...

He is adorable!!!!

TX Girl said...

I'm running a Derby for our ward activity in about a month. Do you have any tips? Where did y'all find your derby track?

Laura said...

he is so cute. I love his little blond highlighted hairline. It is so cute. You dress him so cute also.

Stephanie said...

We got the track from a man in our stake who is REALLY into Pinewood derby racing. He even created his own computer program that ran the whole thing and told us who needed to race who each round and what lane they would be in. Out here each church building is supposed to be supplied with its own pinewood track, you just have to know who to ask to find it.

My advice? I'm certainly not an expert, but make sure you rotate lanes to give everyone a fair chance and we came up with lots of awards and even brought a few blank ones to fill in as needed. We also served treats during the race to keep those who weren't racing each round busy.

Good luck!