Thursday, February 15, 2007

La La La La Larry!

In honor of Valentine's day, here are 50 things about my Valentine, my husband Larry:
  1. He was born in L.A.
  2. He went to elementary school with the kid who played Urkle on Family Matters
  3. He’s allergic to nuts (but not peanuts, they are legumes)
  4. He’s the only person I know who loves circus peanuts
  5. He’s not a sport enthusiast
  6. He served a mission in Connecticut
  7. When he was little he was obsessed with the Fonz and had a fake black leather jacket that he wore as he rode his tricycle around
  8. He only has one living Grandpa, his Grandpa Ford, and he calls him about every other day.
  9. He makes me lunch every day
  10. He loves the movies Napoleon Dynamite, the Nightmare before Christmas, Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory, and The Addams Family
  11. He used to hate tennis shoes (which he calls sneakers sometime just to bug me) and he only had one pair which he hid in his closet and he only used to play racquetball
  12. His full name is Larry Creed Ford, Jr., Larry is not short for Lawrence
  13. His favorite color is black
  14. He hates Toby Maguire, Kirsten Dunst, and Ben Affleck and won’t watch movies with any of those actors.
  15. He does our laundry
  16. He put off medical school for a year because I wasn’t ready to get married and he wanted to give things time and see where they went
  17. He forgot the marriage license the morning we got married, but luckily as we were driving away from my house I quizzed him on all of the things he should have and he realized he needed to go back and get it.
  18. Little kids love him. When we were babysitting Kate and Jack the other day, Kate kept saying, “Where is that Larry?” and when I drove Jonny Hall home from church a few weeks ago, he cried because he was hoping Larry was coming with us.
  19. He tutored my sister Candice until she finally passed Physical Science at BYU.
  20. Every morning he leaves me a note on the floor by our garage door
  21. He did not even come close to being an eagle scout
  22. He’s applying for a fellowship in infectious diseases and he just got his sixth invitation to interview.
  23. He’s a pack rat, but he knows it and he’s trying to be better
  24. He hates mowing the lawn and he reminds me that he always said that he never wanted to own a house until he could afford to pay someone else to take care of the yard.
  25. His least favorite household chore is mopping the floor. We had an agreement that if he would always clean the bathrooms then I would keep the kitchen floor clean, but that fell apart.
  26. He loves coats and has started quite the collection (which is funny because he hates snow and cold weather)
  27. Donny Osmond was one of his young men’s advisors in church
  28. He loves Gwen Steffani, Tori Amos, Cheryl Crow, and Regina Spektor so it’s understandable that people often mistake his CD collection for mine.
  29. I think gnomes are really creepy and Larry loves them (although I’m still not sure if he really loves them or he just insists he does to bother me).
  30. He will always stop to read any historical plaque or marker and is happy to watch anything on the history channel
  31. The longer we’ve been married the more excited he’s been about holidays (my family has really rubbed off on him). He’s even excited about putting Christmas lights on our house next year and has been telling me about his plans.
  32. Since radiation he no longer has a working thyroid and has to take medication everyday.
  33. When he’s excited about something it’s amazing how fast he can talk (if he’s not tired after a long shift)
  34. He’s more social than me and loves to get together with friends.
  35. I’ve never heard Larry claim to be even a little artistic or creative, but he encourages me in all my crazy endeavors and never complains about the messes.
  36. He works really hard and loves being a doctor.
  37. He never wants to live in the south or out in the country. He’s definitely a city boy.
  38. He rarely has free time to read, but one month read Ender’s Game and came along with me to the Children’s Literature book club.
  39. He doesn’t love the ballet, but he’ll go with me as long as there’s a storyline.
  40. His favorite TV show is Scrubs, but he’s rarely home to see it.
  41. His two favorite restaurants are In N Out and Tito’s Tacos in LA.
  42. When he’s traveling he would rather be out seeing the sites than relaxing by the pool.
  43. He studied microbiology in undergrad
  44. His favorite author is Fyodor Dostoyevsky
  45. He loves old cemeteries and always wants to stop when we pass them
  46. He’s not an outdoorsman, but he goes letterboxing with me because he likes the boxes with historical information and he likes visiting random places we would never otherwise see.
  47. He looks forward to the Circleville Pumpkin Show just as much as I do every year.
  48. He can’t play any musical instrument
  49. He hates it if anyone touches his collarbone so he and his friend are always trying to attack each other and grab them.
  50. He regularly reads my blog and leaves comments


candice said...

What do you mean finally? Plus I think that, that is my secret to share, not Larry's.
Although you could add that he babysat Grant every Wednesday for a semester so I could teach at UVSC while you were gone to England. Or that he used to wear black lipstick. I'm just saying.
Oh, man, I'm glad that Larry is a part of our family! He is a keeper. Plus Mark really needs someone to sit by him at family gatherings so we are so glad that he is around.


Larry said...

Thanks Steph. It was fun to read about myself. I cannot deny any of allegations made against me on your list. But reading it has made me drool thinking of circus peanuts and Tito's tacos.

I love you Steph. Many of the things on the list (the good ones, anyway) come from being married to you. (Except for the gnomes).

amyh said...

Tell Larry I think The Brothers Karamazov is second only to the standard works as far as inspired literature is concerned. And it's true, Johnny loves Larry! Don't feel bad, though. He loves you too.

Megan said...

Larry and Steph, just reading that made me happy, laugh, and remember how great you both are. I hope you are both doing well-meganruth