Monday, February 05, 2007

Baby Boy Ford

I just got back from spending a few days in Denver for my friend Alicia's wedding and I have lots of pictures to post, but right now you're getting my most exciting news of the day, which is that I had another ultrasound today and now we are certain that Baby Ford is a boy. We were already fairly sure, but it was really nice to hear that my doctor has no doubts. I’ve been buying a few boy things here and there knowing I could return them if I had to so now I can go home and tear the tags off and starting hanging them up and organizing. We’ll also finally be able to pick a color to paint the nursery.

The other great news is that he’s measuring at about four pounds, which means he’s a little bit small in about the 40th percentile for size, which was a happy surprise since I have gestational diabetes so my doctor has been concerned that he might be too big. He’s already head down so it was a little hard to tell and he may even be smaller than that. I haven’t gained any weight over the last month (I even lost a little), but Baby Ford is still growing and healthy. I’ve had some frustrations over my low-carb diet, but news like that makes it worth it.

Less than eight weeks to go!


Jeremiah Sharpe said...

Congrats Steph and Lar Bear, on Baby Boy Ford. Feel free to name him Jeremiah in honor of me lol.

candice said...

Congrat's! Isn't it funny that the family of mainly girls are having boy's. Now we can chat and laugh about all the grossness that occurs while living with lot's of boy's!

lisa h. said...

only 8 weeks left, he will be here so soon! i can't wait to see your nursery! how much longer will you work? maybe i'll see you soon...maybe if it gets above 10 degrees!

Larry said...

If we named him after Jeremiah we'd have to call him President Sharpe!