Monday, February 19, 2007

How cute

So what did we do for Valentine's Day? Last Valentine's Day after dinner Larry offered to paint our living room, which was a very big deal because he REALLY didn't want to do it and I'd been trying to convince him for months that it would be worth it. This year he offered to paint the nursery by himself, but I didn't take him up on it because I still haven't settled on paint colors. Instead we headed to Target after dinner to start a baby registry! I meant to take a picture of Larry standing in the aisle looking completely bewildered. There's just so much stuff out there for babies and how do you really know what they will need? We registered at Babies R'Us last weekend and I thought Target would be easier because the baby section is so much smaller, but we were still lost. We didn't end up registering for a lot, but we already have a crib, bedding and a stroller carseat combo so I guess we have the essentials and we can figure out the rest later.

We had a baby focused weekend too. We spent four hours on Saturday at childbirthing class (Larry rearranged his schedule so he could be there with me even though he didn't really need to attend because he's actually delivered babies). After that I hosted a baby shower for a friend who is having a girl. I'm so excited to be having a boy but it was nice to have an excuse to buy some girly pink things. I'm not really into baby shower games but I needed some sort of ice breaker so I was really excited when I found this bank.

Isn't it cute? I told everyone that the mother-to-be would be "banking" on their advice so each person wrote down some advice, and then read it to the group and added it to the bank (it's a really big bank with a large hole on the bottom).

And speaking of cute, I don't want to forget to show you this purse that Larry got me for Valentine's Day.

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