Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Happy Valentine's Day!

Thanks to a level 2 snow emergency in Columbus, I'm home today! Unfortunately it also means I won't be delivering all of the Valentines that I put together for my friends so if you live in Columbus and you don't get one, it's due to the snow. I love Valentine's Day and I figured why should I stop giving Valentine's to my friends just because I'm not in elementary school?

Larry and I agreed not to spend a lot of money this Valentine's Day, but I still wanted to do something special for him. There's a local company that I love called Wonderful Graffiti that makes quotes with vinyl letters to stick on your wall, but they look like they're painted on and they are easily removeable. I love looking at all of the ideas on their web site, and I've been wanting to order this quote to stick on our entertainment center. Sometimes they feature special designs for the holidays. This year they had some really fun Valentine's Day designs so I ordered a set of conversation hearts. Last night after Larry went to sleep I put them up all over the house in spots that I knew Larry would see them and I left a little note with each one: on the bathroom mirror, the fridge, the door to the garage, our headboard, even the dashboard of his car.


Larry said...

And I LOVED it! Could my wife be any cuter? Any more considerate? I think not.

I love you Steph.

Shauna said...

The hearts are adorable! Are they still selling them? (I couldn't find them on the website) They would be great for an anniversary or even birthday. You always have the BEST ideas!

Stephanie said...

The hearts aren't on their web site anymore, but I bet if you contacted them, they would still make them and ship them to you. I think they took the Valentine's stuff off of the site once they couldn't ship them on time for Valentine's Day. The have two sets of conversation hearts, a "sweet" set, and a "spicy" set. I ordered the sweet set and it was $19 for the set of 12 hearts. They are a small business, and they're really customer friendly so I would try emailing or calling them.