Friday, February 09, 2007

Family Update

For those of you wondering how my little brother is doing on his mission in Brazil . . .

He's great! He just got transfered to a new city, Itajaa, and he loves it (it doesn't hurt that one of the members there has a drum set that he's looking forward to playing (oh, how we do not miss Eli's band practicing around the house))

And for those of you wondering how Larry is doing at this very moment, I really don't know. He's taking Step three of his board exams today and tomorrow, which means right now he's about a quarter of the way through 16 hours of testing. Poor guy! I think I'm more stressed about it than he is though. He hasn't had much study time, but I'm sure he'll do well and he'll be one step closer to being qualified to moonlight at other hospitals. Last night I rushed home to eat dinner before heading off to a baby shower and we had a message from a Doctor at the University of Utah who wanted to talk to Larry about his fellowship application. Now, I'm not sure if you're familiar with the fellowship application process, but that was highly usual. Larry had to submit everything electronically through a Website that distributes his information to the programs that he's interested in, then those programs email him invitations to interview if they're interested in him. We thought it was weird we he got an invitation though the mail so we were totally suprised by the phone call. It basically ended up being a phone interview to see if he qualified for an invitation for a real interview. They must have liked him because he now has an invitation to interview at the U of U. So far that means he's heard from six of the programs he applied to (which is about half of them) and they have all sent him invitations to interview. Now we just have to figure out how he will interview at all these schools in the next three months while he's working a million hours and Baby Ford is due April 1st, and let's not think about travel expenses, for now let's just celebrate the happy news.


Shauna said...

That's awesome that Larry is getting so many fellowship invitations. We hope that one of those invitations get you guys to Boston! :)

candice said...

Yay! That is so cool. I'm glad that it is going well!

p.s. I sort of miss hearing "Eli's not fat he's fesivly plump" nananananana over and over again.