Friday, June 01, 2007

The great debate

Larry and I just have a few more days to rank our choices for his fellowship in Infectious Diseases. We really aren't sure about how to rank our choices. Here are our options in no particular order:

  1. The Ohio State University in Columbus, Ohio

  2. Northwestern in Chicago, Illinois

  3. Oregon Health Sciences in Portland, Oregon

  4. Beth Israel in Boston, Massachusetts (a Harvard affiliated program)

  5. The University of Utah in Salt Lake City, Utah

  6. The University of Colorado in Denver, Colorado
It's so hard to decide when we can think of great reasons to move to each of these programs and some good reasons not to choose each of them too. We have until June sixth to finalize our rank list and then on June 20th we'll open up an envelope that tells us where we'll be moving July of 2008.

Which program would you choose and why?


Melinda said...

Shocker...I would come to Utah. Reasons: grandparents for free babysitting and much doting, old friends (including me!) to play with, you know where the good neighborhoods are already, and J-Dawgs. I love you and miss you...please come to Utah :)

Anonymous said...

Two words: Cafe Rio.


lisa h. said...

oh that is so soon!

well i must say, you ought to get good news on June 20th, because that is Joe & I's 6yr anniversary!

good luck with the list, i think OSU should be up high, but I understand if Utah out ranks it!

hey you should come to book club at holly's to discus twilight! i read your review from forever ago, i love that book!

Anonymous said...

A different place, closer to home, but not home. So, it will be a little different. Then again, free babysitting is nice. Then again, it's nice to be not-to-close to home. (At least for me).

Brittany & John said...

We vote boston so we can come and visit!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

You'll probably spend the rest of your life on the West Coast so you've got to enjoy the East as long as you can :)

(Not that we're biased or anything!)

Shauna said...

We vote for Boston, of course! But we'll make sure to keep in touch no matter where you go. We'll be thinking of you guys on the 6th (cuz rank lists are stressful) and for sure on the 20th. Keep us posted.

Davis Family said...

I vote for Oregon because it's the best state ever!

Scott said...

Utah for sure. Closer to family and I got to see that cute kid of yours

Alicia said...

Duh! Colorado! It's just close enough to Utah to not miss it, and it "feels" like Utah, but you're not too far away. Plus, I'm here! Oh, and it's always sunny here. I owe you a phone call...

Love ya,

amyh said...

Yay, Northwestern! You'd love it.

Jordan said...

Go somewhere to experience a NEW place--a fellowship isn't forever, right? Don't go where you think you'll settle down, who knows you may fall in love with a whole new climate and city. (Oregon is my vote)

Cassie L. said...

Needless to say, you have friends and family all over - I wasn't going to comment just so you wouldn't hear the Utah pressure - but if I don't who knows. Let me just say I don't know what I will do without bookclub soon. But knowing the yuckiness of match, you have to go with your gut and then wait for it all to possibly fall apart anyways - no I am not bitter! But we would LOVE you in Utah (which is close to many previously mentioned states.)

Elisa said...

I say Beth Israel. I served my mission in Boston and LOVE that city. Its expensive for sure but wow... there is so much to see, and do and learn.

Nikki said...

As will come as no surprise, I vote for OSU. It's been so nice to spend time with you and Creed, and watch Creed and Audrey grow. Okay, maybe Creed has grown a little bit more, but Audrey likes looking petite. Setting aside my selfish interests, I hope you get your top pick. : )