Saturday, June 09, 2007

Movin' on up!

For the last two and a half months Creed has slept in our room in a bassinet that we borrowed from the Dehners. We put off moving him to his crib because we knew we'd have visitors who would be staying in his room (and also because I'm lazy and wanted to save myself middle of the night walks to his room). Well, we could no longer put it off because the bassinet has become a pretty snug fit and when he flails he hits the sides and when he rolls over he cam only go halfway and then he gets stuck with his face pressed up against the side. Poor guy! So here's a picture of him in the bassinet one last time.
And here he is in his roomy crib.
And here's a picture of Larry getting Creed to smile because it's just too cute to leave out.

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