Monday, June 18, 2007

Tennessee Time

Larry had a miraculous three days off in a row so we took advantage and drove to visit Marissa and Mike in Tennessee. They live out in the country. Wouldn't you love to have this view from your backyard? We made it there Friday evening just in time for the first harvest from their garden. Mike was pretty excited.
Creed cuddled right up to Aunt Marissa and his future cousin.
Marissa and Mike are much cooler than we are because this is what's in the middle of their living room.

We spent most of Saturday in Knoxville. We caught the end of a farmers' market in Market Square. We learned how you make pie a little bit better; you deep fry it of course!
We found Fort Kid while we were roaming Knoxville.
It was nice to celebrate Father's Day with a new dad and a soon to be dad. Larry bought himself a tie and pizza cutter for Father's Day. He loves my nephew Cole's pirate hat so I got him two so he can play pirates with Creed when he's a little bit bigger and I also bought Creed some "I love Dad" pajamas.
We celebrated Tennessee style with a good ole watermelon seed spitting contest.
Thanks Marissa and Mike for being wonderful hosts!


lisa h. said...

it looks to me like Larry just might be ready to move down to the deep south!! watermellon seeds and all!

it was so nice to see y'all last night!

Marissa Joy said...

Hey, we love the new post and are glad that you guys got home safely. We miss you already. Thanks for coming to visit us. I wish we could do it more. We had a lot of fun and hope that you did too. love, riss

Laura said...

Love your new banner and blog changes. Creed is so cute.

Kim said...

I like your blog changes too.

It looks like you had lots of fun with Marissa and Mike. It looks beautiful there too. How long does it take to drive there?

Love ya, Mom