Monday, June 25, 2007

A monster in the house

I saw these hooded towels online and I really wanted one for Creed so I decided to try my hand at it. It took me a little while because I had to make up my own pattern and I made a few modifications, but I think that it turned out well.
It's still a little big, but I think that Creed is happy with it too!
I've also been meaning to post a picture of some more hair clips that I made. My friend Nikki loves elephants so I had to figure out how to make some elephant clips. Which one do you like better?


lisa h. said...

I love love love love love that towel!! my goodness, can one person really do all these crafty things and really be that good at them all!

i just bought some towels to try out making a hooded towel...i'll have to work up to the monster one. oh, evan would love that!

i'm so sad we didn't see you at wicked! though it was so crowded i'm not too suprised.

i'm glad you're feeling better about being a doctor's wife...i'm actually really looking forward to night float, i love my alone time, i have to say.

Kim said...

Steph: Did you like Wicked? I want to hear about it.

The towel turned out oh so cute. Did it take you very long to make?

The first elephant is easier to see.

And we are sorry you are lonely. Come and visit us. Love, Mom

PS. Creed is just too cute and needs his grandma to hold him!!

Chelsea said...

Stephanie you are SO really took after your mom didn't you? When you move to Utah, and if I ever have kids will you show me even half of the things you know?

Stephanie said...

Chels I'll teach you everything that I know if you'll be my fashion consultant and keep me from dressing like a mom.

amyh said...

I like both elephants. Why not make them a set of two and use both?

TX Girl said...

I LOVE the towel. How did you figure it out? Are the attached pieces all from towels, or did you use fabric?

Stephanie said...

Yes, I did just uses pieces from towels. I used a little more than half of a hand towel for the hood, part of another hand towel for the tail and washclothes for the eyes, horns, and spots.I drew the eyeballs on with a sharpie because I didn't want to buy anymore towels.