Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Another day, another fun project

My friend Ruth asked me to teach a mini class at her ward's Super Saturday Enrichment. Their theme is "Savor the Moment" and I have a half an hour so I'm teaching a simple mini album class. I just finished the sample tonight, and I was going to email pictures of it to Ruth, but I thought that I might as well post them here for you to see too. They are really easy to make and can even be used as a substitute for a card because they are so small (2" x 2") and easy. I adapted it a little bit, but you can find the basic directions here.
I used picture from the photo shoot Candice did of Creed when he was four days old. Didn't she do an amazing job? I want to blow them all up and hang them all over the house, but for now I just settled for framing the one of Creed on the books.

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Nikki said...

You are amazing, Steph!