Wednesday, August 16, 2006

So hard to say goodbye

Part of going to church in a married student ward means lots of goodbyes because every year people graduate and move on with life. Larry and I have just earned the title of the couple that's been in the ward the longest, which means we're also the couple who've said the most goodbyes. Last night we had to say goodbye to Lysle, Kamiko Oliveros and their darling little girls (who actually do smile, but it just never happens when I take a picture).

Lysle and Kamiko are one of the coolest couples that I know (probably a little too cool to be hanging out with us). Larry and I were talking last night on the way home from saying goodbye and we agreed that it's rare to meet a couple where you love both the husband and wife equally, but Lysle and Kamiko are both so amazing! They're moving to Texas so Lysle can go to graduate school to become a certified architect, and Larry dreams of one day having Lysle design our house. He also happens to be an amazing furniture designer and decorator and he's very handy. I loved going over to their house to see their latest projects (A new finished basement, a remodelled kitchen, fresh paint in one of the bedrooms, a new playroom, there was always something different). Kamiko says it's all Lysle, but I know she has a hand in it too and she's pretty handy with a sewing machine so she's always whipping up new pillows or slipcovers. I've heard she's becoming quite the photographer too. It was no surprise that there house sold after being on the market for a week and they didn't even hire a real estate agent. I love having such talented friends that I can learn so much from and I will really miss them.


Larry said...

Me too. I'll miss them too!

Brooke said...

Me three- Columbus just isn't the same without them. I would love to have Lysle design our house someday as well, but I don't know that a professor's income would even come close to compensating him.

Hey we have the same snowman sheet set. Dude, we're totally destine to become good friends.

Brooke said...

Ha, ha, ha, ha. I just realized how crazy it was that you had the same color of walls that we have as well. I get it now- this was when you had your first visit to the Beazer residence. We'll have to make sure we're around next time you come by.