Friday, May 19, 2006

Whistle Factory

Larry and I rarely have a weekday off together so we decided to take advantage go on one of the factory tours Larry's been wanting to go on. We decided to check out the American Whistle Corporation. On the way there Larry said that he hoped to meet the Willy Wonka of whistles, he had no idea how accurate that description would be. Here he is folks.

At first I wanted to roll my eyes because he sounded exactly like a game show host. He was extremely proud of the whistles they make and I learned more about whistles than I ever wanted to know. Whistle Wonka said that they, "Make the official Girl Scout whistles, and more importantly (because they are so much better) they make whistles for the Boy Scouts." Of course all of the boys in the elementary school class that we toured with cheered and all he said was, "Hey, sometimes the truth hurts folks," and he turned and walked on. Later in the tour someone asked why do they package the whistles so the packages are so hard to open? and his reply was, "The truth is at that point they already paid for them so I don't care."

We got to hear about a gold whistle the Home Shopping Network will be selling with a rose imprint on it and a fake diamond.

And of course every person on the tour got their very own whistle at the end of the tour.


Larry said...

I just love whistles now. It's all I can think about. Whistles. Whistles...

Larry said...

I spend my time trying to think of situations where I can use my whistle. I just love my whistle.