Sunday, May 07, 2006

Stringham time

We decided spur of the moment to head down to Athens on Saturday afternoon to see Mark's last play at Ohio University. We had a little time to spend with the boys before the play. Grant showed off his new reading skills.

Then Grant gave me a lesson on how to play his V-Smile.

Then we headed to Ohio University to see the insect play. I wanted to try to sneak a picture, but the director sat directly behind us so I couldn't. Instead, here's a picture before hand of Candice and Larry pretending they are watching the play.

After the first scene a screen was raised to reveal seats on the stage and we moved to sit up there. There were two intermissions so here's another picture of Candice and Larry pretending to watch the play from our new viewpoint.

Candice wouldn't even let me sneak a picture of the curtain call so I didn't manage to get a picture of Mark as a nerdy man trying to catch butterflies or Mark as Mr. Cricket or Mark as a jogger who discovers a dead man.

We celebrated by bequeathing Mark with the traditional Taco John’s burrito bouquet (Oh yes, Taco JOHN’S, not Taco Juan’s. You probably won’t be surprised that their specialty is a burrito with tater-tots inside).

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Larry said...

Look at Grant's great shirt! Larry's Dawg House. If there is anything greater than Taco John's it is Larry's Dawg House.

It was a fun weekend, I must confess. I really enjoy having family so close, and will miss them when they're a little farther away.