Friday, May 26, 2006


Kelly and I finally went on a letterboxing adventure. Here's Kelly with her first letterbox find ever!

And here she is posing next to an archway at the Park of Roses (We won't mention how many other arches we checked out before we found the right one for the letterboxing clues we were following). The park was already beginning to smell like roses so I can't wait to go back in a few weeks when the roses are in full bloom.

This week I also had the chance to meet up with some old coworkers for lunch. I'm sad that I only took one picture because it's totally blurry. My new company is really small and I miss having so many good friends around. For four years I spent more time with these women than I spent with Larry, and while it was fun to get together and catch up, it also reminded me of how much I miss seeing them every day.

Then on Friday my office closed at noon so I got to go out to lunch with these crazy people!

Larry is on call for most of the weekend so I hope you have more exciting plans for the holiday weekend than we do.


Larry said...

It looks like you and Kelly had fun. And your lunch with old Columbus Commercial friends is making me drool. And finally - we'll have to go back to the Park of Roses - so many flowers and you can point out where the letterboxes are hidden!

Diane said...

I remember when you took us to the Rose Park. It was in bloom and so beautiful.