Thursday, May 18, 2006

Nielson TV Ratings

Larry and I were selected for the Nielson TV Ratings survey. We were both happy to volunteer to let Nielson know that there are people who do not like most of the trashy stuff on TV. The request came at the perfect time because I was already trying to watch less junk on TV. They sent us a notebook and asked us to track everything that we watched from May 10th - 16th. We would have been happy to do it for free but they pay you $15. The weird part was they sent us $15 cash along with the notebook so we were paid before we ever did anything. And who sends cash in the mail anyway?

Anyway, I found that when I have to report what I watch on TV, I'm a lot better about limiting watch I watch, especially when what I watch might affect what is shown on TV. It made me wish that I always had to report to someone about what I watch on TV because I would watch a lot less and get a lot more done. On the opposite hand it made me care a lot more about watching my favorite shows because I wanted Nielson to know I was watching them so I sat watch a Gilmore Girls rerun I probably would have skipped and Larry was sure he didn't miss Scrubs. So what are the shows you wouldn't miss and the shows you would probably cut out if you had to report to Nielson TV Ratings abotu what you watch on TV?


Shauna Cramer said...

That's awesome! We were chosen to be a Nielsen household May 11-18! The universe is trying to keep us connected. :)

Mom to Allison and James said...

Must watch LOST, 24, The Amazing Race, Scrubs, and The Office. (and I am a closet Smallville watcher.) Everything else can go.

Jen said...

I try not to miss Beautiful People on ABC Family; Veronica Mars on UPN; Grey's Anatomy on ABC; embarrassed as I am to admit it - I am a devoted CHARMED fan...the series ends on Sunday - but they play reruns back to back at 5 & 6 on TNT weeknights.