Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Memorial Day Weekend

Larry worked on Saturday and Sunday so I had a lot of time to myself. On Saturday I added Olivia to this T-shirt to go along with the book for my friend's daughter's first birthday party. Here's how it turned out.

Kamiko and Lysle both served their missions in Korea so they throw a tradition Korean party for their kids' first birthdays. Here's Rori in her Korean outfit.

They set four things in front of the child and the one the child chooses is supposed to be an indicator for the future: a string for long life, a pen for education, fruit for health, and a gold coin for riches. Kamiko was proud because Rori went straight for the money.

We went to a big breakfast that our ward threw. After breakfast Larry got soaked . . .

By our friend Heather.

We also went to a barbecue at our friend Amy and John's but Larry had the camera and the only thing that he took a picture of was this frog. I think he lost camera privledges (Or maybe he did it on purpose because he wanted to lose camera duty).


Anonymous said...


I wrote you a long elborate message to you, and it didn't send, so it is lost in the void of the internet space.

Moving on,
I need your help.
I was wondering how to make the stripes that you made in your kitchen area... di dyou get glossy, and flat paint?

any help would be apperiacted..

Larry said...

What do you mean losing camera priviliges?!? Look at that frog. What a great picture! You reading this - did you see a frog that big during the holiday weekend? I thought not. It was a special, holiday frog. Wow. What an appropriate thing to take a picture of.

Jen said...
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Jen said...

This frog looks a little dry don't you think...like his/her skin would benefit from some serious moisturizing? I really do think that Larry captured the frog's essence........however, I would probably relieve him of camera duty...there were people at the party, right?