Tuesday, May 16, 2006

The Rest of Our Weekend

Larry's best friend from med school, Ben, was supposed to spend Friday night at our house so we could meet his fiance, Alex, but they missed their flight (Ben said who knew they wanted you to get to the airport at least 30 minutes before your flight). That left me with a free morning so while Larry rounded at the hospital, I went to the Scholastic Warehouse booksale with my friend Amber.

I got back just in time for Alex and Ben's arrival and we were able to visit with them for a littel while (but I forgot to take a picture!). Candice's family arrived right as Ben and Alex left. We went out to lunch and shopped a little with them and then Larry and I volunteered to baby-sit while they shopped a little more.

The find of the day was this jacket from Target that Larry has been eyeing. It was on clearance so I had to pick it up for him and Candice got one for Mark too. I think they look particularly nice with the sock monkey pajama bottoms.

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Larry said...

What a good looking husband you have.