Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Book Reviews

I started posting my book reviews on my Children's Literature Book Club blog knowing that if any of you are interested in reading them, you can always check over there. You can get there by following this link or using the link to my book club in the column on the right. Ijust posted a new review today and a few last week.

You'll notice that it seems like I read and review things in spurts. The truth is that I'm reading all the time, but I don't review the books the I read for book club because most of the time they are books that I've already read, and the book club members are going to hear my opinion on them anyway. You can always check on the book club site to see what they are reading, and they are always good books because the host has already read books for their topic and selected their favorites to share.

This month we are focusing on multicultural books. I've already read Lizzie Bright and the Buckminster Boy by Gary Schmidt and Day of Tears by Julius Lester and I highly recommend them both (although instead of rereading Lizzie Bright, I thought I would listen to the book on tape version and so far I don't really enjoy the reader). I've heard great things about Anna's other picks for this month too.


ayn said...

wosers steph.
i was looking for a good read recently.. i will check both of these books out.

Anonymous said...

Someday I'll have time and read some of these books. Some of them sound quite interesting!


Mom to Allison and James said...

I listened to Day of Tears and I found it to be a wonderful way to "read" this book. It has different actors for each character and really makes it come to life. I highly recommend listening to this one.