Friday, January 14, 2011

Wish granted!

Where ever we are for Christmas, we try to take advantage of some of the local celebrations.  Last year, we went to the Festival of Trees and Creed remembers it well.  He begged all year to go back and get a magic wand at the kids section where there are lots of games and craft projects.  So of course, you can imagine what the first thing we did was.

Ollie watched from the stroller and wasn't sure what to make of everything.  He slept through most of it.

 Creed on the other hand, had the time of his life.
 The gingerbread houses did not disappoint
 and neither did the funky trees this year.  They are auctioned off for charity and little did we know that we would have ample opportunity to get a better look at this one during Ollie's trip to the children's hospital that month.
 My favorite was a book themed tree with a Wild Thing decorating it.
 Creed's favorite was the Cookie Monster tree (maybe you could have guessed from his face)
 although they squabbled a little bit about both wanting to ride on the back of our stroller, Creed and his gal-pal Malan love being together and it was fun to check out the trees with them this year.
What were your favorite local holiday events this year?


that's what she said...

his face for the cookie monster tree is priceless!!!

Larry said...

He looked so happy in every picture!

Rob said...

The Zoo Lights at Hogle Zoo. They are so awesome, I think they might even be better than Temple Square. _Diedre Gray (Elisa's friend)