Thursday, January 20, 2011

Ah, young love

Parents are always saying that Christmas is even better when you have kids and it's moments like this that prove it.  Creed's class sang two songs at their preschool's Christmas program.  We've been singing "Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer" for weeks to prepare for this moment, but I had no idea that Creed's class was sing a song in Chinese too and Creed knew every single word.
 He got up there with no fear and was so sincere and adorable.  I think it helped that he got to stand by his best gal-pal Malan and Yen-Yen, who Creed has a crush on.  Creed came home from school a few weeks ago and said, "Mom, isn't Yen-Yen stinkin' cute?"  I replied, "Ummm, yes, I think Yen-yen is very cute." Then he told me, "She's hot stuff!"  What?  Seriously?  At first I was like, who says "hot stuff"? How does he even know that phrase, and then I realized he learned it from me!  Whenever Larry gets his hands on someone's cell phone he like to reprogram his name to say something ridiculous. his number comes up as "Larry Boom-Boom Ford" on my mom's phone. My new phone says "Larry Hot Stuff Ford" so I often answer his calls, "Hey, Hot Stuff"  so I hold Larry responsible for the fact that Creed is now using the term on preschool girls.
 I wish I could show you the picture of his whole adorable class, but I would feel weird about that since I  don't have permission from all of their parents.
 We're looking forward to many school performances to come!


Kim said...

Too stinkin cute! Love Creed's sweater too.

Larry said...

He sung his heart out. Priceless to watch.