Sunday, January 02, 2011

Happy 2011

Leaving Ollie with a babysitter to go out on New Year's Eve was not an option so I wasn't expecting our NewYear's Eve to be too exciting, but it ended up being so fun.  A few days ago, our friends Jeff and Rachel asked us if we wanted to get together on NewYear's Eve for dinner at our house and then the plan was to put all the kids to bed and hang out (their daughter slept like a champ, but our kids both made after-bedtime appearances).

Tai and Kersten ended up being able to come by too so Creed and I headed out that afternoon for party supplies of his choosing.  We came home with armfuls of tacky gold hats and confetti cannons and big smiles on our faces. We even had time to throw together a New Year's surprise cake following these directions, which made our last minute get together seem festive.
 I sprinkled edible star glitter on it too because Creed wanted everything to be gold (yellow)
 We volunteered Kersten to crack it open, which ended up being quite a task
It was filled with candy that spilled out when we opened it.  Originally, I planned to slip this wish paper in there so we could send off our wishes for the new year, but it was bitterly cold we opted to save it for later.
Rachel's parents are Dutch so she grew up eating ebelskivers or Oliebollen on NewYear's Eve and I'm so glad she shared the tradition with us because they are so good!
 When I stopped by the grocery store for drinks, I also picked up a pomelo because my favorite produce guy was handing out samples telling people to try a new food with the new year, and you know how I like to make an effort to try new things.  It's like a  grapefruit, but bigger and sweeter.
At midnight we shot off the confetti cannons and toasted each other with Fizzy Lizzy's.

It was simple and warm and cozy, and I'd be happy if I could spend every New Year celebrating this way with a few of my favorite people.

 In the morning the boys and I found time to celebrate properly wearing silly hats and making a loud ruckus

 And every time I pass all the confetti in the yard it makes me smile.


Alexis said...

How'd you like the pomelo? Over here in the Philippines we call them Suha and they're good. :)

Larry said...

Fun fun fun!

The pomelo was much better than I expected (I don't like sour).