Saturday, January 15, 2011

Trying something new

I made a movie using I-movie! (Ok, it's really just a slideshow, and I could have used Powerpoint or something, but still, it's a start.)

We've been enjoying the snow around here. There's a small hill across the street, perfect for toddler sledding (and a little grown-up sledding too)
And because some of the pictures are so adorable, I'm posting a few of them again for your viewing pleasure.  I'm a mom, I'm allowed to do that.

And oh yes, I set Ollie down to take some pictures and looked down to see his little face burried in the snow as he chowed down. Gross, but he was happy.


Larry said...

Love the video. Haven't seen it for 14 hours, so I pulled it up, only to find it blocked by work computer. Curses!

You did a great job! Add this to your list of talents (and your yearly list as well!)

Mom said...

As I recall, Creed liked to eat snow - and you were equally grossed out. Ollie looked so happy about it! That happens with number two - they know when you're not looking - even for a second - and grab that opportunity. LOVE the video - and the pictures. Such cute boys!