Thursday, January 13, 2011

We decked the halls

I wasn't counting on having any Christmas decorations up this year, but Larry and our friend Jason surprised me by digging through our storage unit and finding each an every box (A serious fete because our storage unit is crammed full)!  Creed and I were so excited to break out the decorations.  There was sort of a surplus for our small house, but that didn't stop us. 

There were reindeer prancing
 and wreathing a-hanging (Creed threw those mitten up there and they were too cute to take down)
 Stocking were hung by the chimney with care
 Even Creed's room was not spared
Creed picked out that white tree last year (he wanted pick, but unfortunately, he had to settle for white) and he worked so hard to decorate it without any help and was very proud of it.
 Our real tree was tiny this year.  We picked up this two foot rosemary tree to deliver to neighbors and Creed begged to keep it instead of buying a big tree because it "smells so beautiful" and I was happy to oblige since that saved us a lot of money and effort and we had nowhere to put a big tree anyway.
 And since they couldn't go under the tree, we stacked all the presents on top of our entertainment center where they were safe from curious little men (and we made no effort to arrange them artfully, oh well)
My favorite part was looking at all of the Christmas cards lining our hallway. I almost justified skipping cards this year even though I am a stationary designer, but looking at these cards everyday changed my mind.
 And, of course, all the decorating was done while wearing reindeer antlers, the required uniform for Christmas decorating around here.
So it was sort of a hodgepodge this year, but who really minds where there are happy reindeer prancing about?


Larry said...

We need to save Creed's mittens to decorate the wreath with next year.

Crissie said...

Hi! I just ordered the book week posters for my nursery. They seem like an odd size. I was wondering what size frame you used and where you purchased? So cute!