Thursday, January 13, 2011

Holy Cow, I'm behind!

Cuddling with kids has been my main priority lately, but I think I'm catching up with life again so here's the beginning of our Christmas ventures.

I still planned an advent with Christmas activities to do everyday, but this year we tried out a new tradition. Have you seen all the toy advent calendars out there?  I knew the lego calendars existed and we set out to pick up a Playmobil calendar, but you can find all sort of options.

I chose this Playmobil set for Creed and he was so excited to open a little door everyday.

We had to be careful to keep all of the tiny parts away from Ollie, but the hours Creed spent playing with this set was totally worth it. (We cheated and opened Santa first instead of on Christmas Eve because that's the most exciting toy to play with.)
I'd highly recommend picking up a set next year.  Lego and Playmobil are my favorites and they both come out with a few different advent calendar options each year.

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Mom said...

Wish I could have convinced the girls to go with a Rosemary tree this year - maybe next year. After the holidays it's a wonderful herb to have around....