Sunday, January 02, 2011

Oliver at 10 Months

I know I'm biased, but everyday I find myself thinking about how adorable and amazing this kid is.
 His ten month pictures are kind of sad because he has a big bruise on his cheek from falling and having a seizure.  The next day was even worse because he hit the opposite cheek when he fell and had another seizure.
 Over Christmas vacation our family and friends kept commenting on what a happy, content baby he seems to be.  I have to agree, but he's also very busy so most of his ten month pictures look like this
 and this.
When I'm out in public with him, I often see people I don't know grinning at me, and then I look down and realize that Ollie is waving at them.  He's quite the ambassador of good will.  Here he is doing the double wave.
 He's living up to his nickname Tiny Ford.  He's only in the 25% percentile for height and 10th for weight (Creed was enormous and always at least in the 95%)
 He started walking at about nine and a half months.  He only started standing on his own a week or two before that so I was totally surprised.  He took ten steps on his second attempt.  He slowed for a few days once he realized that he was going to fall, but the last few days he walks more than he crawls.  People are always shocked to see him walk because he's so tiny.
 He's nowhere near sleeping through the night and we can't let him cry because he might have a breath-holding spell or seizure so we are feeling exhausted and there's no end in site.
 When he turned ten months, he had three teeth, but he's had three more break through since then, and I haven't noticed any crabbiness from teething.
 He waves, claps, and loves to give high fives.
This is the best shot I have of him walking so I'll work on taking some more pictures for evidence, but he makes a pretty adorable reindeer.
 He's never liked pacifiers and he doesn't suck his thumb so he didn't sooth himself very well, but he's fallen for soft blankets.  He doesn't suck on them, but when he's in need of comfort he puts them in front of his face and moves his mouth like he's nursing.  He can often be spotted dragging this small soft square my mom made around the house.
I feel lucky to have him as a constant companion everywhere I go.


Larry said...

I love that little mini guy!

Megan said...

he is SO. CUTE. I seriously think you need to make him a little tshirt, with a little bowtie (like those tuxedo t-shirts!) with a nametag that says ambassador of goodwill. that is the cutest moniker ever.

Mom said...

Have you thought about a modeling career for him? He's just the type they like - small, nimble & good looking. Maybe the Ford agency?

Sarah said...

Aw Stephanie! Ollie is such a beautiful boy. I just caught up on your blog after missing it for a few months and I'm so sorry you and your little one are going through so much. You are in my thoughts and I wish the best for you and your family. I hope your move went well too. xo Sarah

Larry said...

The "ambassador of goodwill" t-shirt idea has moved from funny the first time I saw it, to borderline essential now.