Monday, June 08, 2009

So Happy I Could Crow

We spent the weekend in Provo visiting Grandpa Ford in the hospital.  Since Creed can't spend all day in a hospital, we took some time off to do one of our favorite things, explore and try a brand new restaurant.  I really wanted to go to Dew for Vietnamese sandwiches, but they close for the summer when most of the college students are out of town.  Luckily, the owners of Dew were opening a new restaurant that very day so we tried it out.

Rooster is a dumpling and noodle bar in Downtown Provo right next to the Pennyroyal Cafe.  Right now it's a little hard to spot but the signage should be up soon (pardon the poor phone photos)
It's a small restaurant with shared tables.
I immediately fell in love due to the Nikki McClure illustrations on the wall (you might recognize her work from the picture book All In a Day by Cynthia Rylant)
Since we were there on their opening day, the menu was still being developed and I overheard the owners telling the staff about noodle dishes they will be adding in the next week.  The menu is split into Dumplings (served gyoza style), Noodles, and snacks with a separate boba drink menu (Dew was known for their extensive Boba menu and it's the only item you'll see from Dew's menu). We ordered one item from each section and loved it all (Creed especially liked the strawberry boba smoothie, although we ordered it minus the black tapioca pearls for him).  After chatting with the owner, I'm going to try the french toast next time because she highly recommends it and it's served with a condensed milk topping, which I'm curious to try.
Afterward we stumbled into this old school photobooth two doors down at Muse.  I didn't think they had any old photobooths in Provo and it made me so happy.  The best part was that it's only $1.00.  
The employees had to turn it on for us and then we went to town.  My favorite is Creed's kissy face!  So cute!


Alissa said...

so jealous i can't see straight. when we lived in provo, this would have been my favorite restaurant. and my husband will fall down when he finds out there's a vietnamese place in provo now. and oh... how much do we love boba?!

susan said...

I will have to try this place out when we are in Provo next! (Which may be awhile...)

Dumplings and boba are two of our favorites!

Melinda said...

I'm finally feeling better. So, feel free to drop Creed off at our house while you and Larry are at the hospital! Then we'll bring him and meet you for yummy food afterwards :)

Calvin Family said...

Have you tried The Sweet Tooth Fairy bakery in Provo yet?

whitney said...

Last time I checked K-Mart in Orem had a photobooth, too. But why go to K-Mart if you can go to Muse?

Eva said...

we'll have to try this place. i'm excited to find new places like this since the last time we lived in utah.