Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Brown paper packages

I love buying gifts for people, but I HATE going to the post office.  I finally got around to sending out several packages to friends this week (but not as many as I meant to . . .).  Ever since I saw this Audi commercial, I've been wanting to draw people inside on the inside of boxes that I'm shipping out.

The first one is a complete copy from the commercial
They only take about 60 seconds to draw.

My friends probably thought that I was crazy, but it would make me so happy to open up a package to see this.


Doggie B said...

You are the most clever! This is one you should market.

kirsten said...

i hate the post office, too! maybe that's why i'm like 5 packages behind! this is a super cute idea!

The Jensen Family said...

I hate going to the post office--hate it with a passion! BUT...I went yesterday and mailed something to YOU and YOUR FAMILY!!!

simply_hibiscus said...

i would love more than ANYTHING to get a package like that

makes me want to have more things in my shop to have ppl buy things so i can surprise them with this wonderful little thing

but no one buys from my shop :/

Ellen said...

The post office is totally my nemesis... I hate it. Dan makes fun of me. Oh well.

I think this idea is adorable! Anyone who thinks you are crazy is crazy!

Hey - Did you get my emails about the baby shower pics? Sorry to keep bugging you...

Cristin@Serendipity said...

Cute & clever!

The post office has always been my least favorite errand. Painful actually.