Friday, June 12, 2009

Movin' on Up

Creed started to climb all over his crib and preferred to take naps in our bed so we figured it was time to move him into a real bed.  Everyone has been telling us to go straight to a real bed because toddler beds aren't neccessary, but Creed's room is so small he'd be left with no room to play. So after much debate, we found a good deal on the Pkolino Toddler and went for it.  It converts into a chair so when he grows out of it, maybe it will still be useful.
Creed was thrilled.  He spent an hour and a half just playing in it once we put it together.

That night he jumped into bed and pretended to be sleeping so we knew we could go.  Now I just need to buy him a new pillowcase because Larry says the one I stole from our guest bedding is pretty girly.


Larry said...

Infinitely cute!

Meg said...

I know, they say go straight to the big beds, but come SO cute in that toddler bed!! If Larry says that flower pillow case is too girly for his bed then he shouldn't see a few of the things I am still using with James that were Alyssa's.

Vera said...

What a cute bed for a little boy! I don't mind a bed like that for myself. haha :)