Friday, June 12, 2009


Creed has been missing his best friend Jesse so we've been trying to make some new friends.  Creed and Piper have a love/hate relationship because they always seem to want the same thing at the same time, but it looks like they are slowly growing out of it.  Piper came over to swim a few weeks ago and Creed has been begging to have her over again.  Every time I tell him that we are going somewhere, he asks, "Piper coming?"
they had a lot of fun together playing in the backyard
Doesn't she look like such a fashionista in that bathing suit?
The same week Liz and Ellie invited us along to Red Butte Gardens.  Creed and Ellie had so much fun.
They loved the children;s garden, especially the water fountains and the red sand (seriously, red sand?  Any mom could have told you that was not a good idea even if you do have a hose nearby.)
We were there on a beautiful day and it was fun just to watch Creed and Ellie run around and explore.
I think their favorite part of the day was feeding the fish and ducks
Now every day Creed tells me that he wants our friends to come play.


Alissa said...

he's such a social kid! that's great! you said, "Now every day Creed tells me that he wants our friends to come play" 7,5, and 3 year old ask me every day if we can PUH-LEEZE have people over. And unfortunately, it's not always my favorite kids. Gah!

Bryt, Liz (Ed), and Ellie Christensen said...

Thanks for posting the cute pictures- I need a nice camera. Ellie had a lot of fun with Creed! =)

Nikki said...

Your "any mom could have told you" comment reminded my of my experience at the zoo on Sunday. Everything in the food court need to be designed to operate with just one hand! And, I'm so glad to see you and Creed are having fun play dates . . . Audrey will be jealous when she sees Creed hanging out with such beautiful girls!