Sunday, January 04, 2009

The Poster

I just realized that I never showed you which Christmas illustration I decided to print poster size.  I chose The Grinch.  It was not my favorite, but it was Larry's favorite so I wanted to surprise him with it.  The color green came out a little weird so I thought I needed to get my screen calibrated, but then the other poster I printed of something that I made for a wedding gift was exactly how I expected it so I don't know.  I guess that will give me an excuse to print another poster next year.PS- like the 2" gap at the bottom?  That frame is HUGE and that's the largest I could get the poster printed so I just planned to put some white foam core board behind it, but never quite got around to it.


Ellen said...

Where do you get your stuff printed?

Um, can I just say that you are absolutely AMAZING!

Heather said...

And he himself, carved the roast beast. Your stockings look great. One day we'll have a fireplace to hang stockings by . . . miss you.