Saturday, January 03, 2009

The I Dos

My cousin Whitney married Scott today.  Congratulations!

They needed some unique wedding invitations designed to suit them, and lucky them, I happen to design for free when you are one of my favorite relatives that lives close to me and you have provided me with some free babysitting!

Whitney and Scott are a very funny couple and the only thing they wanted me to work with were some mugshots they had my dad take for them (yep, they got an expensive photographer for free too! And they actually knew someone with one of those boards they used to use for mugshots).  Out here people always send engagement photos with their wedding invitations (something my Ohio friends found very strange) so I knew I had to work that in somehow.  I'm not sure that Whitney's mom appreciated the mugshots, but I thought they were brilliant and needed something clever to go along with them.

Whitney and Scott both love some of the wedding invitations that they've seen that look like concert posters so that's the look we decided to go for.  I still wanted it to represent them and Whitney is a vintage lovin' girl so I wanted to do something Matte Stephens/Amanda Visell/Mary Blair/M. Sasek style (mostly Matte because he's my favorite) yet I still wanted it to be my own clean line version so people wouldn't mistake it for the real thing.
They enclosed different cards based on whether you were invited to the wedding in California or the reception in Utah.  I saw a hand like that on a vote poster and I wish I knew the name of the designer so I could pass that info on to you.
I hope they are having the wonderful wedding day that they deserve (and I hope Whitney's mom will forgive me for doing something so non-traditional).


Doggie B said...

Okay, I don't really know Whitney but we are cousins (and more importantly friends on Facebook.) Anyway I thought this announcement totally rocked. It love it! Good job.

Oh and Stephanie, I'd be your Facebook friend too. :)

lisa (lost pezhead) said...

that is very impressive!

Nikki said...

You amaze me . . . both the end product and how you manage to do all that you do!

Larry said...

LOVE the announcements. They turned out amazing, as with all you do!

susan said...

Incredibly fun and stylin'!

I wish I had that mug shot sign thingamabob. I've been wanting to do mug shots for a family Christmas card. Perhaps I should check out eBay.

emily kate said...

SO glad you posted these! I loved them when Candice showed me and wanted to see them again! They're so lucky to have you. I would so love to have something awesome and personal like this- except I'd wanted it framed on my wall!!

kristen said...

Steph, these invites are awesome as are all your Christmas gifts. Amazing. Scott had no idea you were so creative and asked if your degree was in design. We love your dad's mugshots too. What a cool idea.

whitney said...

We do have it framed on our wall now! Thank you so much Stephanie! This was the highlight of the whole shabang (oh yeah...and marrying scott was ok, too)