Friday, January 02, 2009

Santa Ho Ho Ho

In Sugarhouse every winter, a little Sugar House appears downtown and Santa is there a few hours each day to meet with children.  
Sugar House Photo From here.
Unfortunately we couldn't go because we didn't want to get Santa sick, but we did get a few pictures of Creed meeting Santa Claus at the beginning of December at our church party.  Creed wasn't sure that he wanted to meet Santa until he heard that Santa gives you candy when you sit on his lap.  Then he was happy to go and even made crazy faces at us while they visited.

I wasn't sure what Creed thought about the whole thing until we saw Santa at the theater the next day and he kept pointing and smiling and saying, "Santa! Ho ho ho!"

I still wasn't sure that Creed really got it, but this morning he pointed to the play kitchen Santa brought him and kept saying, "Santa, Santa!"

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Doggie B said...

Creed was looks very cute with Santa. Generally I only see photos of kids screaming and crying while Santa tries to hold them for the photo. (What a fun job.)