Friday, January 23, 2009

I want to be the kind of mom who . . .

I want to be the kind of mom who throws fun parties for family and friends.  

I always start thinking about parties this time of year when things are so dreary and we could all use something fun to look forward to.  I have seen some really great ideas for parties featured on blogs lately so I thought I would share a few with you.

Brittany from Tangled and True hosts a cookie exchange before Christmas every year.  That's not unusual, but I love the way she does it.  She not only has prizes for best chocolate and best non-chocolate cookies, she has prizes for best display and best recipe card.  The displays and recipe cards turn out so beautiful. I wish I was there!  See more details here.
I don't know this couple, but the details from their wedding make them seem so fun.  This was their save the date card.
And they made these signs to point people to their wedding (they taped a bunch of balloons to it so it looked like she was holding them).  I think both ideas could be adapted to other parties.  Can't you just imagine Creed smiling and pointing the way to his birthday party?
This little girl loved Green so her mom put together an all green party with a puppet show theme

I love the green banners and the green puppet show theater
A table full of green refreshments.
An adorable puppet show invitation
And my favorite detail, each guest got to take home their own little green finger puppet theater!

And speaking of birthdays, this idea for a grownup birthday party would be amazing!  Rebecca was turning 30 so she threw herself a big Hollywood style movie premiere.  Guest were notified a few months early so they could produce their own films up to five minutes long.  Then Rebecca rented a theater complete with red carpet unrolled out front and told her friends to dress up.

She provided the popcorn and movie theater candy and had "cigarette girls" walking around with trays of fortune cookies and mints. I think it would be so fun to watch the films your friend made in a big theater.


whitney said...

Hey Steph, do you know Rebecca? I feel like everyone knows rebecca somehow...

tania said...

hi stephanie.....i lurk a lot, but don't comment as much as i think about it. i just wanted to tell you that you inspire me! and these posts "i want to be the kind of mother....." are my FAVORITES! keep on bloggin'.

tania in Columbus, Ohio

Sarah Lunt said...

Stephanie! I am totally linking from my blog to yours because every time I venture onto it I'm so inspired. I wish I'd had more opportunity to spend time w/ you when you lived in Ohio! You are such an inspiration...your ideas are darling. Also, on a side note I threw myself a "Mom Prom" birthday party that was SOOO fun! I think next year I'll do the Red Carpet Movie Premiere Theme.
Have a great day!

Calvin Family said...

From reading your blog, I think you ARE the kind of mom who throws fun parties for family and friends. I love your ideas!

Nikki said...

I second the Calvin Family - you ARE just that kind of mom . . . and lucky for me, I've been to some of those parties.

Cristin said...

Love the green party! ...You throw darling parties, so I can see why this one appeals to you!

I love when you do your "I want to be the kind of mom who..." posts! They are my favorite! I wish I had had the blogging world when my oldest was little like Creed...I think there are so many great ideas that are shared back and forth...thanks for sharing all your fun ideas and finds!