Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Just Another Perfect Sunday

Adorable Custom Cake Toppers from Goose Grease
So I was talking to my friend Lisa about how I bought little wooden people, and I've been meaning to paint them to look like our family, but I keep putting it off worrying that they are too small and might be a chocking hazard so I wish I had some that were more the size of a Kokeshi doll.  

Lisa, being brilliant and handy was like, Tyler's dad (Larry's uncle) just got wood turning tools and so we should make them.  Ummm, yeah.  Like I have any idea how to do that.  I'm sure I would seriously injure myself if I tried.  I think Tyler has actually been taking some woodworking classes, but still, I didn't expect them to show up on Sunday with these.

Aren't they beautiful?  I love them so much that now I'm scared to paint them! The tallest one is about eight inches tall.  I've been telling Lisa that she should sell unfinished ones in her Etsy shop because wouldn't you love to have your own?  People could special order sets to match their families.

And that's not the only new love they introduced me to.  They brought along Tyler's special waffle iron to make Stroop Waffles.
Have you had these before?  They have a carmel filling in the middle of them, and I could happily spend the rest of my life eating them.  I couldn't even resist taking a bite before I took a picture.
I feel so lucky to have married into Larry's family so I have awesome, new built-in friends.  Creed is quite fond of them too and ran around this morning looking for Lisa since she was there when he went to bed.  It was cute to see him peeking into every corner calling, "Sheesha!  Sheesha!" And when I asked him if he really liked Lisa he nodded his head and made kissing sounds.  I hope that I didn't hurt his feelings when that made me laugh.


emily kate said...

She should absolutely sell those wooden people. I would love to buy those and paint them (even though it would scare me!)

And I have had stroop waffles, they are delicious! My Dad served a mission in Holland so he loves them. We've never made them though. I'm sure they're better homemade!

susan said...

Yes, big is the way to go for little hands to enjoy them! Definitely have her put them in a shop.

I guess I could have my husband get out his lathe and we could make some, but when would that happen. :o)

kristen said...

The wood family is awesome!Lisa should sell them. I would totally want a set!Put up a picture after you paint yours. Can you send me your email? Last time I emailed you it came back. Creed sure is cute.Luv Aunt K

Reba said...

Steph, the waffles look great, but where's the recipe?

I can't wait to see how you paint your family. Ellie saw them and I think we'll head off to Michaels . . .