Friday, January 09, 2009

And now for more pictures of Creed

Because you know you were just thinking, "I need to see more pictures of Creed.  You can never see enough pictures of the CUTEST kid in the world!" (Ok, maybe the only the grandmas were thinking that).  Well, here's a very long post to update you on the life of Creed at 21 months.

Every time someone opens the fridge he pushes you out of the way and climbs in to check everything out.  He LOVES to eat.He thinks one of the Wisemen in his nativity set is saying, "Swiper no Swiping!" because he fell in love with Dora the Explorer this month, and you only need to see the show twice to know what will happen on every single show.He's a snow eater.  It grosses me out and I can't get him to stop.  He keeps telling me it's yummy.  Every time we step outside he's stuffing snow in his mouth whether it's old or new.Seriously, every time!Other than eating snow, he doesn't seem to notice the change in whether and wants to do all the same things he likes to do outside in the summer.  He tries to go on walks with his wagon, and he likes to sit in my car and pretend to drive.
And his squirrel doesn't hibernate.
He loves to cuddle.  If I lay on the couch while he's awake, he sits right on my stomach and plays with his toys or looks at books.
He's more attached to his blanket than ever.  He tries to take it everywhere and he can't sleep without it.  With his blonde hair and light blue blanket, he looks like Linus as he drags it around.
He loves perfume.  You cannot leave perfume or cologne in his sight or he will carry it around and try to spray it on everything.  If you put some on, he insists on having some too.
He loves to pull books off of my shelf and sit under my craft table flipping through them.  He almost always chooses the Boxcar Children even though there are picture book everywhere.
He says, "Hewwo" in a tiny voice that makes everyone he greets smile.
The other day we were playing with his train while the TV on in the background in the next room.  Suddenly he ran away and I walked in to find he'd dug out his pith helmet and put it on because Mickey was wearing one.
He's discovered pockets.  He can't get his hands in himself, but he loves walking around like this.
He loves wearing mittens for the first few minutes after you put them on, and he waves at everything to show them off.
He cries if you sing "I Am a Child Of God" to him during the day because that's what Larry always sings to him as part of his bedtime routine so he thinks you're going to try to make him go to sleep.
Today was semi-warm so we headed to the zoo and it was the first time he wanted to climb up the slide and go down by himself.  He did not want me to touch him, which shocked me because a month ago I could not convince him to go down without holding my hand.  I can't believe he's getting so old.


Nikki said...

What a fun post! Thanks for sharing and by the way . . . I can relate to the reaction to Creed's undiscriminating taste for snow. Audrey is a fan also.

Tenay Jo said...

I love this post. It makes me want to do one about my boys too. I also thought it was super cute and funny that Creed likes to eat snow so much. What a funny little man. I hope you guys had a great Christmas!

Calvin Family said...

My second daughter would cry in Nursery every time they sang "I Am A Child Of God" because she thought they were going to make her go to sleep. Hahaha!! Creed really is such a cutie pie. Adorable!

Mom said...

We MISS you! Creed is adorable - you can never post too many pictures of him.
Mom Cat