Monday, January 12, 2009

How do you shop?

I have very different clothes buying theories for Creed than myself.  When I'm shopping for Creed's clothes, I check the clearance racks of my favorite stores for anything cute that catches my eye and also happens to be cheap.  I don't care what size it is as long as it is his current size or larger.  If it's his current size, it goes into his dresser when we get home and if it's larger it goes into some plastic drawers I have in his closet, sorted by size.  Some of my friends think it's weird when I pick up something in a 5T and Creed's wearing a 2T, but now that he's getting bigger, he should be wearing the same size all year or at least through two seasons so he'll need clothes for warm and cold weather in every size.  This way when all of his pants suddenly seem too short, I just open up his closet and pull out the next size instead of going shopping and being forced to pay full-price  for clothes that I don't even think are that cute, but we have to have to cover poor Creed's ankles and wrists.

When It comes to buying clothes for myself, my theories are definitely changing.  I used to feel like I couldn't afford to be trendy.  With Larry in medical school, I needed things that were classic enough that I could wear them for years, not a few seasons because I couldn't afford to replace them.

Last year, when Candice moved in with my parents for the summer, she ended up staying for most of a year so as fall rolled around, she found herself without any warm clothes.  She went out and she bought herself seven new outfits, one for each day of the week.  Candice used to own more clothes than anyone I know, so I was surprised how happy she was with her new wardrobe and she explained that she bought seven outfits she absolutely loved and felt so cute in and when she got home, she was going to throw out most of what she had.  She had tons of clothes, but but some of them were really old and she just couldn't bring herself to get rid of them because they were ok.  I'm totally that way.  If it doesn't have a hole in it, I feel like I need to keep it and continue to wear it.  Candice inspired me to go through my closet and throw a lot of clothes out because I don't love wearing them.  Now I can't necessarily spend more on new things than I already would have, but when I'm shopping I try to check myself and ask if I'm buying something because it's cheap and it will do or if I really LOVE it.  Because wouldn't we all rather have a few outfits we really love than a closet full of things that are just ok?


susan said...

I am definitely a quality over quantity type of girl. Always have been, always will. Even if that is just J.Crew or Anthro sale stuff it lasts longer, the fabrics are better, and the tailoring is always better on the body.

I get rid of anything I don't majorly wear. Its easy when you live in (what is considered) a poor community. I see people on a daily bases that would enjoy purchasing the clothes and shoes I don't wear/love at a decent price at the DI.

emily kate said...

"ask if I'm buying something because it's cheap and it will do or if I really LOVE it"

I'm SO here. I can't say that I really love most of my clothes. And when I do buy something new I like I wear it so much that it starts falling apart. I'm totally wearing clothes with holes in them. If I was on What Not to Wear they would make such fun of my sad wardrobe. It's just really hard when you don't have money to spare!

candice said... make me sound like a spend thrift! I don't want people to think I spent a whole bunch of money! Up until last year I really did keep everything. I literally had things from highschool in my closet so it was very full after 12 years of not throwing things away. And up until last year I would only buy things on sale. Now, you are right I do try to buy things I love, but mostly they are still things from Forever 21 or on sale at more expensive clothing stores. I'm just a lot more careful about it.

five dot design said...

when shopping for my nugget girl, i've begun to now buy up. i hit those clearance racks as well and tend to get more when i have the spare cash. i don't think it's crazy- i think it's smart. it saves from having to go out and buy entire wardrobes last minute while your kid wears something that doesn't fit in the meantime.

i'm a whole different story. i really only buy a few pieces every 4-5 months. i used to buy the cheaper stuff, but as most said, it's doesn't last. when shopping for me, though, i don't always hit the clearance, but mostly. when i find something- sale or not- i ask myself if this is something i love enough to pay full price for it. if the answer is "yes" i buy it. if it's "i don't know" sometimes i'll buy it to see what i can pair it with in my closet and maybe return it if i can't fit it in and if the answer is "no" on the rack it goes.

the shopping for me has completely changed. i used to just pick up something here and there and then nugget came along. now i really think about what i'm buying so i can make it last a lot longer.

as far as purging the old stuff, i go thru once a season and get rid of anything that is ratty, out dated or i just don't like or wear. i make myself do this. i get very attached to my clothes, so giving them away is hard!

TX Girl said...

I'm like Susan. I am a quality over quantity. Although I get my t-shirts from Old Navy, because the fit isn't such an issue and they usually work. Also, I wear t-shirts so often in the summer they are usually trashed by the end of the season.

In regards to everything else, I no longer buy because it is cheap. All those little cheap things add up and I could have bought the anthro skirt I've been salivating at for 3 months instead of the skirt that is cute, but I'm not over the moon about. I wear practically EVERYTHING in my closet and love each piece (some so much I actually bought 2 of them).

Buy classic pieces and ones that fit. No one will notice if you aren't wearing a trendy whatever, because you will look great and feel great. I know that I completely carry myself differently when I'm wearing something I'm not completely comfortable in. This is also another reason I love Anthro- they aren't really a trendy kind of store. Sure you can buy some items (Joe's Jeans) that are on the radar, but overall they carry eclectic pieces that allow you to use your own personal style when putting together an outfit.

I have a BIG issue with buying kids clothes in advance. My kids are never the right size. Currently Ted is 16 months old, but wearing 18-24 (and he has been for some time). So, my seasons are COMPLETELY off. I found the most adorable seersucker jacket for him on the clearance rack at the Gap, but because of he is actually ahead it is now the right size, but the wrong wrong size for the current season and I think he might not even get to wear it.

I love that your sister is defending her spending habits.

Pixie said...

I've come around to your thoughts on shopping for myself over the past year. Being shorter than the average person, I have a closet FULL of stuff that's just OK and doesn't really fit well. I've been weeding it out and now I only buy stuff that I love and FITS. But to make sure I have clothes to wear, and partly because I'm still fighting pack rat tendencies with my closet, I follow the one in, two out rule instead of just purging all at once. Baby steps! I have found that since I'm not just buying and buying I don't feel so guilty when I buy something from JCrew that's a bit more than what I'd normally pay because I know I'll wear it to death and it's quality over quantity.

Eva said...

ditto ditto...quality over quantity...although i am in desparate need of following my own advice. i love the idea of having a 'uniform" each season that is tailored to your tastes, shape, lifestyle...and then just having a few versions of it that you love and wear over and over.