Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Tiny Houses

While shopping at Oh Sweet Sadie last week, I was very tempted to buy this little mouse house. It includes three little mice that were peeking out the window when I saw it. It's made of wool felt and recycled sweaters by a local 17 year-old girl. It made me wish I had a daughter and a son because right now the only things Creed wants to play with are trucks and trains (although he does harbor Larry's love of gnomes, hmmm . . .)It got me thinking about some other little toys houses full of tiny animals that I've been drooling over. Latitude Enfant makes several including this little apple house with bunnies inside and one for Little Red Riding Hood, one for snow white, and a treehouse for all sorts of animals.This little mouse house and family made by Pottery Barn is one of my favorites. I would have dragged this with me everywhere when I was little.

Do you think I could get away with buying this one for Creed? It's The Bunnies' School made by Playmobil, and it's a little more boyish, isn't it? I think this would be a fun toy to have around as an Easter/spring decoration. Actually maybe I just love little houses in general, they don't have to be filled with woodland creatures. This one is way way out of my price-range, but as long as I'm sharing, I thought that you might want to admire its loveliness. I want to move into this Printed Dollhouse I spotted on Ohdeedoh.com. It's for sell on Etsy, made by petitflaneur. It reminds me of a Lauren Child illustration


lisa (lost pezhead) said...

those are super cute! i don't think i've seen anything like that, or just haven't noticed. creed should totally get that little house from the easter bunny or something! it's boyish enough! evan loves stuff like that with action figure type toys and a house for them. mmmm let me know if you start making them in your etsy shop!!

Eva said...

i love all these little houses! I had a little dollhouse made out of paper when i was a kid that I loved. p.s. i've been a blog reading slacker.